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Getting Inside an Organization

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It’s been a big week for NASA flight director Bobak Ferdowsi. In addition to becoming an overnight Internet sensation, he helped land the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity mission. Not bad for seven days.

The lesson that we can learn from Ferdowsi’s literal overnight success is that your employees can inadvertently become your brand champions. During the mission Bobak used his personal Twitter account @tweetsoutloud to live tweet the action. As his meme as the “good looking NASA scientist” gained popularity, his twitter follower count grew to over 10,000 overnight. His newfound popularity is allowing him to become the new, young face of NASA and his “cool” appearance is surreptitiously getting a new generation of kids interested in science.

How would you feel about your employees becoming your brand advocates? As PR professionals, it is important for us to rule out any crisis situations upfront. If Ferdowsi’s personal Twitter handle is associated with the brand, any misconduct on his part could give the public a reason to attribute it back to NASA. If you were on the social media team at NASA how would you handle a potential mis-tweet on Bobak’s part? Leave responses in the comments below or sound off on our Facebook and Twitter.

Just Can’t Get Enough – Social Media Day

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Even though we love social media every day of the year, tomorrow we’re giving some extra special props to the tools that help us do our jobs because – it’s social media day 2012! Since this is the global day of sharing, make sure you do everything you can to connect across all of your channels using our handy checklist below:

Checklist for social media day:

  • Post at least one Facebook status that says Happy Social Media Day! and add at least one new friend
  • Check in to at least two places that you go on FourSquare and leave one review
  • Pin 20 things to your Pinterest board
  • Write a blog post about how much you love social media
  • Write a 5 star Yelp review for your favorite restaurant
  • Instagram a picture
  • Make a visit to your Google Plus page and see what’s going on – just kidding.
  • Scan one QR code (you’re allowed to judge the website if it’s not capable of mobile access)
  • Try playing around with one new social media tool – if only to see why everyone talks about it – Path, Highlight, SCVNGR,
  • Tweet happy tweets from your Twitter account all day, and follow 5 new people

and while you’re at it…

Check out the official celebration! Mashable is hosting meetups in 510 cities across the globe! Houston’s will be at Yardhouse and more information is available here. Will you be celebrating Social Media Day 2012?

Ea-Do Ecycling ReCap

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Although it’s been a while since our Cinco de Drinko EaDo E-Cycling drive, we finally received our Certificate of recycling from CompuCycle! 

Thanks again to Saint Arnold’s, Correano’s and Flaming Patties for helping out! We also truly appreciate everyone who came out to support us. The day was a huge success and as you can see below, we were able to generate 2,617 pounds of trash!

Remember, you can always drop off your electronics at Compucycle Monday through Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm and Saturdays 9 am – 3 pm. We had such a great time and it’s good to know that none of our electronics will be ending up in landfills! Be on the lookout for more fun IPR events to come!

Making you harder, better, faster…well connected?

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Everyone loves a good old-fashioned happy hour. A bar is for some reason the perfect intimate setting in which, under the influence of a minimal amount of alcohol you can present yourself with many networking opportunities with a myriad of different folks. These settings are also perfect for setting up appointments; while a 9 AM coffee meeting may cut into the most crucial part of your day, an invitation to grab drinks reminds us that it’s 5 o clock somewhere.

However, have you ever grown tired of the same old bar scene? Does downing drinks increase your engagement but increase your calorie count? Say hello to the new trend in making friends. Sweatworking. According to the Star Tribune this is the latest craze for “fitness minded professionals,” and according to the President of Lifetime Fitness this activity is gaining traction in the professional networking scene.

What do you think of this new way to network? Are you ready to swap the dim bar for a brightly lit fitness center? In our opinion, this idea is great! What better environment to get your gears running than when you’re exerting yourself, releasing endorphins and getting in tune with your body? Some of our best ideas have come at moments during a spin or yoga class, why not truly capitalize on this time spent? The situation is also ideal because you are multitasking by exercising while getting your work done. That’s what we think, what are your thoughts? Let us know if you plan on sweatworking soon.

Meet the Team – Allie Danziger

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With the Integrate three-year anniversary quickly approaching in August, we think that it’s time that you met our founder and President, Allie! You’ll learn what inspires her, what drives her daily and even what condiment she can’t live without!

What is your favorite aspect of work or the environment at IPR?

It’s pretty amazing to see what has happened in a year here at Integrate. Just 14 months ago, one contract employee and me were sitting in an office that was no more than 100 square feet. Today we are in over 1,500 square feet with 7 team members, and growing.

My favorite thing about the environment at IPR today is of MAJOR growth. We have new clients calling us on a weekly basis and keep growing the team with rock star talent. This growth is one that keeps everyone excited and our clients proud to be working with us. It’s infectious and an exciting time at the company.

What’s your favorite thing about working in PR?

Let me start by saying that I truly wake up every day excited about what I do. That is 100% necessary when you work over 90 hours a week and I wouldn’t change a minute of the past three years.

My favorite thing… I love the work that we do for our clients and the expression on their faces when we do something that makes a true difference in the trajectory of their business. It’s an amazing feeling of accomplishment that is honestly like crack for me. It’s what keeps me going when the days feel long.

How did you think of the name IntegratePR?

I was working for an agency in New York and at the time, the term “social media” was just coming about. In 2008 there were arguments on what this digital communication trend would be called and I couldn’t help but think that this was nothing different than what we’ve been doing in traditional PR – just integrating it with new tools.

As I grew the from what I thought would be a freelance shop to a full-fledged agency, much more ended up coming out of the name “Integrate” – it is how we handle just about everything we do. We work in close quarters and the whole team is very closely integrated in the work that we do for clients. We stick to what we do best and work closely with outside partners, “integrating” their services into what we deliver to our clients.

This answer was hard for me at first because IntegratePR is a name that I was never really all that attached to but actually turned out to shape the culture of the agency today.

What is your favorite life event/accomplishment to date?

Seeing young professionals at Integrate blossom into accomplished leaders is one of my favorite things to witness. I feel so honored to work with such an enthusiastic, passionate, hard-working, SMART team of professionals that really GET it. This team we have in place right now are fun to work with and make it easy to do what we do for our clients. They are inspiring to watch and a true joy to spend Monday through Friday day with.

Also, I’d have to say my husband and my wedding a few months ago was quite a favorite life event. The evening was magical and probably will go down in history as one of the more fun weddings, ever. I got to marry my high school sweetheart, best friend and true partner.

What are you most looking forward to in the future?

Short term: Going on my honeymoon in 2 weeks to Bali.

Long term: Seeing what Houston develops into and continuing to contribute to this community. This booming city is in such a state of opportunity right now and I am thrilled to be a part of it. As someone who four years ago in New York NEVER wanted to come back to Houston, I now see all that this fantastic city has to offer. I look forward to getting more and more involved in community events and helping citizens wherever I can be of service!

What’s on your desk?

Who is your role model/inspiration?

Cheese ball answer: my mom. She’s beautiful from the inside out, keeping me grounded while also encouraging me on a daily basis to soar to no limits.

As a working mom throughout my childhood, my mom taught me that women do have a place in the business world and from day one never let me give up on my dreams. A stage mom at heart, she did want me to be on Broadway one day (trust me, so did I!) but those acting classes definitely paid off as I now use those skills when speaking at conferences or to clients.

Without her encouragement, support and help running random errands and taking care of my puppy when I’m at work until the wee hours of the night, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I hope to inspire my kids one day the way that she has been a true inspiration to me.

What is one thing no one knows about you?

I’m a pretty open book so most of my friends know just about everything there is to know about me but one thing is that I think everything tastes better with hot sauce. Seriously.

In my free time you can find me doing ….

What free time?!

When I do have a free minute, you may find me driving back and forth between Austin, doing yoga or Define (latest obsession since the wedding), playing with my pug, Waffles, and… let’s be honest, I’m probably drinking wine somewhere with friends.

Cinco de Drinko EaDo E-Cycling!

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We were doing a little Spring Cleaning around the office and noticed that we had way too many electronics lying around useless. After seeing the success of the CompuCycle E-cycling drive, we decided that we could take all of these unused items and turn them into a party! In the spirit of Cinco de Mayo, we invite you to safely and responsibly E-cycle with us at our office on Friday!

In exchange for bringing your recyclables, we’ve got you covered with beer from Saint Arnolds and local food trucks Correano’s, Flaming Patties and Texas Juice Girl will be in attendance.

You may be asking what you can bring to this event. CompuCycle has a full list of items that they accept and we have also listed it here:

Computer Equipment

Personal computers

Servers & server racks & peripherals

Keyboards, mice, and speakers

Switches & routers

Cords & cables

Computer monitors (including: CRT, LCD, LED, Plasma)


Hard drives

Memory chips


Hubs and routers

Tape drives

Printers, copiers, and plotters

Fax machines

UPS Batteries

Power supplies

Consumer Electronics

Small kitchen appliances (microwaves, toasters, blenders without the glass, mixers)


Game consoles and controllers

Cell phone and laptop batteries and rechargeable batteries


Cell phones

Toner cartridges

DVD/CD/VCR Players

Stereo equipment

CDs, floppy drives, VHS tapes

Hair styling utensils: curling iron, straightening iron, hair dryer

Alarm clocks and radios

Electric fans

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to meet our team or just get rid of the junk at your home or office, come hang out on Friday! We’ll be having fun E-cycling dressed in Cinco de Mayo gear – don’t worry we’ll post plenty of pictures!

Has Social Networking gone to the dogs?

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We’re constantly on the search for a new social network at the office, and as avid animal lovers, this is the one for us! While the future of advertising may be cats (catvertising), MatchPuppy (currently in beta) proves dogs will rule the social media world!

Built as a way to place pups in play dates, the site offers a list of parks (currently only based in the New York area) that are ranked by the number of dogs that love the park. After selecting your favorite spot to play, users can set up play dates and view potential pals to meet up with.

Every new social network builds on an idea and social media sites come in varying degrees of originality. We’ve seen niche sites such as Gentlemint appear and not gain much traction. What is the reason that sites like Pinterest rise in popularity? While there is no direct algorithm for making a certain video, picture or story “viral” the idea of something spreading fast a

nd wide around the Internet has to do with core marketing values. Namely, offering people something that they truly want. Are there enough dog lovers out there that want a place to do a pet meet up?

I mean, who could say no to a date with our favorite office pals, Waffles Herzog and Erik Selber?

Meet the Team – Jessie Boone

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It’s been one whole year since IntegratePR hired the amazing Jessie Boone, and it’s about time you got to know her! Learn more about our go-to for all things PR – and be sure to check out her fun photobooth pictures!

How she got the job: It’s a great testament to the power of social media, but I found Allie through LinkedIn! I read about Integrate and some of the clients they worked with and knew we would work well together. After being in PR on the corporate side of things for a while, I was looking for a smaller company where I could have some creative freedom and also for a job that required a heavy writing component. One meeting with Allie in a coffee shop, and I was asked to join the team! It’s been incredible to see how much we’ve grown in a short year’s time, but I couldn’t be happier with our progress.

What do you like most about working at IPR? No two days are ever the same. Variety keeps things interesting and ensures that we are constantly learning. I also love having the chance to work with some of the journalists that I most admire. Building those relationships is so beneficial to what we do, but it’s also so interesting to see the ins and outs of exactly how they work.

What’s your favorite thing about working in PR? Writing. Learning how different members of the media respond to different pitches and story lines has always interested me more than anything else about the business. I also love coming up with fun campaigns for our clients that can really captivate their target audience and get people excited about what they’re doing. I’m a behind the scenes kind of person, but have found that with PR, I can help plan for the exciting stuff, and then leave the on-camera antics to the professionals. 

What is your favorite life event/accomplishment to date? Graduating from the University of Texas is probably my proudest accomplishment thus far. I learned so much about myself and the industry I wanted to pursue during my time there – it’s truly an experience I would never trade. I also met my boyfriend and some of my closest, lifelong friends while living in Austin, so all in all, it was an amazing time in my life! 

What are you most looking forward to in the future? Continuing to watch our business grow and learning the best ways to help manage a staff. I’ve always been interested in how different people work and manage their time, so to work closely with our new hires and interns to ensure their success at Integrate is hopefully where I’ll be able to continue to grow in my role as an account supervisor.

Who is your role model/inspiration? I’m not sure that I have one person I really look to for inspiration, but rather pull it from many different places. I’m inspired by my family, friends, and coworkers, as well as by things I see in the many blogs and magazines I read every day. I am also always inspired by seeing and traveling to new places.

What is one thing no one knows about you? I was on my high school varsity golf team. I’ll never tell you my lowest score (because it wasn’t low at all!) but hanging out at a country club after school sure beat running track in the heat!

What’s on your desk? A kitty paperweight from my best friend, my word-of-the-day calendar, my favorite coffee mug, iPad, and a picture of my boyfriend and I.

In my free time you can find me doing …. Yoga, or cooking at home, or curled up with a book somewhere. I also love to travel and discover new restaurants around town.

Connect with Jessie!





Becoming the Leader of the Pack

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After seeing Keri Cook tweet the article “Why Great Leaders Are in Short Supply” by James S. Rosebush, we decided to take a deeper look into this so-called issue. To

summarize the article, it speculated that there were three problems with leaders in today’s society: the first was that the general public has too much access to information. With traditional media outlets like radio, TV, and print publications, being coupled with the power of the Internet, consumers are inundated with information all day, every day. The second issue was that leaders can only be seen as an extension of the institution that they represent, and the institution itself has often become disreputable. And finally, Rosebush states that many leaders do not have a strong foundation of upstanding moral principals which would allow them to navigate a business successfully. The article concluded with the fact that in this current age, good leaders have never been more valuable to businesses, both big and small.

After our discussion with @cook_keri, we were able to come to a clear and formidable opinion: while the “problems” discussed in the article do affect today’s leaders, we aren’t sure that we necessarily see them as problems. People having access to information about what you do and how you do it is not a problem if you are making sound and responsible decisions. We believe that the reputation of an organization more so depends on the people that run it, rather than just the individual leader.  Although these issues could definitely be considered “problems,” they sound more like challenges to us, and can ultimately help leaders evolve into the kind of leaders that are truly needed in this ever-changing landscape.

Meet the Team – Nate Selby!

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As you may have seen, we no longer refer to the staff at Integrate Public Relations as “the ladies.” We are so excited to add some testosterone to the group and introduce you to our newest addition to the team… Nate Selby! Get to know our intern turned full-time PR pro. Learn more about Nate’s appreciation of proper grammar, love of PR and the new friend he met at the Houston Rodeo!

How you got the job:

Not very exciting, but, I was the intern for a couple of months and then was hired full-time! I can only assume it was due to my awesomeness.

But really, after I graduated college I interned at another agency in Houston for a while, where my supervisor met Allie at the PRSA Houston PR Day. They started talking and she passed Allie’s information along to me. I immediately was very excited to learn about the unique approach to PR the integratePR team takes, so I contacted Allie in hopes of a new opportunity. We met twice over the next couple of months and eventually I was brought on as IPR’s newest intern. The rest is history!

What do you like most about working at IPR?

The best part about working at IPR is my fabulous officemates, and the opportunity to work in the ever-changing PR field.

Without question, the best thing about working in this industry is the spontaneity of the work. When you leave the office on Monday with a list of “to do’s” for the next day, you know that everything will change at 10 a.m. on Tuesday. You always have to be on your toes, ready for the next thing.

What are you most looking forward to in the future?

I’m looking forward to career advancements. Putting the hard work in and seeing my big picture goals come to fruition.

Who is your role model/inspiration?

Tim Tebow? Is that allowed? I really don’t know. I guess just the upstanding noblemen and statesmen before me.

Where are you from?

Pretty much everywhere. I’ve lived all over the place from Japan to Minnesota, Florida to California.  The last place I lived before Houston was Ohio where I attended Bowling Green State University. If we’re going to talk colleges though, I have to mention my favorite team, the University of Florida Gators! 

So what has been your favorite adventure in Houston so far?

I went to the Houston Rodeo for the first time in a few years with my girlfriend in March and had a blast. I got to choose between standing next to a zebra and holding a baby kangaroo. You can see my choice below!

What’s on your desk?

When I’m at the office, it usually consists of a water bottle, pens and random pieces of paper for notes and lists. Organized chaos basically.

In my free time you can find me….

Trying new things. I enjoy experiencing all sorts of interesting aspects of cultures, whether it’s food, music or style. I’m game for pretty much anything.

One thing I’d like people to know about me:

I am a grammar (specifically AP style) control freak. In today’s society of texting and quick replies, I struggle with acronyms and am routinely irked by the misuse of grammar. It’s the small things I appreciate.