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Just Can’t Get Enough – Social Media Day

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Even though we love social media every day of the year, tomorrow we’re giving some extra special props to the tools that help us do our jobs because – it’s social media day 2012! Since this is the global day of sharing, make sure you do everything you can to connect across all of your channels using our handy checklist below:

Checklist for social media day:

  • Post at least one Facebook status that says Happy Social Media Day! and add at least one new friend
  • Check in to at least two places that you go on FourSquare and leave one review
  • Pin 20 things to your Pinterest board
  • Write a blog post about how much you love social media
  • Write a 5 star Yelp review for your favorite restaurant
  • Instagram a picture
  • Make a visit to your Google Plus page and see what’s going on – just kidding.
  • Scan one QR code (you’re allowed to judge the website if it’s not capable of mobile access)
  • Try playing around with one new social media tool – if only to see why everyone talks about it – Path, Highlight, SCVNGR,
  • Tweet happy tweets from your Twitter account all day, and follow 5 new people

and while you’re at it…

Check out the official celebration! Mashable is hosting meetups in 510 cities across the globe! Houston’s will be at Yardhouse and more information is available here. Will you be celebrating Social Media Day 2012?

Trendspotting – Social Media is In Fashion!

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Much like our football loving friends in the advertising industry enjoyed Super Bowl Sunday, we’re all over ourselves when the fashion and social media worlds collide. It’s always inspiring to see how different entrepreneurs utilize these mediums – see how marketers of late have been doing it big with our favorite social media tools.  

NY Fashion week

Remember the awesomeness that was Burberry’s tweetwalk ? Last September, the classic brand took a social media step forward and posted incoming runway fashions to the Twitterverse seconds before they previewed, giving their followers a stylish scoop. That being said, for this year’s fashion week, most brands have gotten the clue and stepped up their social media game.

  • Brands like Rebecca Minkoff, Jill Stuart, Betsy Johnson, Vera Wang and more will be live streaming their shows on the Live from the  Runway channel, sponsored by YouTube.
  • @MBFashionWeek – the official New York Fashion Week account – will be using hashtags such as #nyfw and #mbfw to monitor conversations – jump on in!
  • Speaking of Twitter, noted fashionistas such as @oscarprgirl will of course be continuing their repertoire of fashion themed tweets, and posts  – As she’s an avid Instagram user, there’s sure to be some great finds within her stream

See a great list of Live streams on Youtube, plus, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram accounts to follow!

Accessory Auctions – Buy the cutest accessories on Facebook!

While the idea of selling things via Facebook is not completely new, Accessory Auctions caught our eye as we watched their merchandise fly off their shelves last week! With several of our associates being closely connected to Austin, TX, the store’s concept has proven to be an effective tool for the store to move merchandise quickly – here’s how it works.

  • “Like” the Accessory Auctions page on Facebook
  • Every Monday at 8 pm CST they post pictures of new items – pricing, quantities and descriptions vary
  • If you see an item you want, comment on the picture with the following details: SOLD, your email address, and quantity desired
  • Bids are first come, first serve. If you win an item you receive a PayPal invoice the next day and then have 24 hours to log in to your PayPal account.

Such a simple, innovative idea – we love it! Be sure to tune in for tonight’s sale!

The Political Side of Social Media

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Facebook is in the news as always. This blog is a much different angle on Facebook than the last though—further proving the versatility of social media. We are always talking about online safety when it comes to social media—protecting your identity and other personal information, etc.

We also urge teens and young adults to be careful what they post in their statuses and what kind of pictures they put up because future employers can see them. While there are a lot of advantages to social media, there are also a lot of consequences.

Sometimes the consequences can be much heavier in other countries. As Facebook increases in popularity, it’s use a political tool has increased as well. All over the world we are seeing young adults take to sites like Facebook to spread their political ideology or speak out against oppressive governments.

This weekend it was reported that a Palestinian TV reported is facing charges after being tagged in a Facebook photo that insulted the Palestinian president. Mamdouh Hamamreh was detained back in September over the controversy of the photo, but was only recently released.

He has been formally charged with insulting a public figure and his first court date is set for next month. Experts say that is the double-edged sword of social media—it is so effective in denouncing repression and aiding freedom of speech, but it can also be used against people in those same cases.

Social media has been a key player in protest such as the Iranian election last year and the recent over throw of Tunisia’s government, but it can also be used to monitor protests and harass individuals who are speaking out on blogs and social media sites.

Mashable blogger Sarah Kessler says she wouldn’t be surprised if there is an increase in use of social media to quell dissention. However, we can only hope that as young adults continue to take to the web, their voices will be heard by the rest of the world.

The role of sites like Facebook in our society is only continuing to grow and adapt. It is crazy to think that what started out initially as a dating site or sorts has become such an integral part of our lives both socially, economically and politically.

Social Media News Flash!

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Ok, so you’ve made it through another week! How many of those New Year’s resolutions have you been able to keep so far? Well if you’ve already dropped the ball on a few resolutions, we’ve got the hottest digital news to take your mind off them.

1)   Apps Are All the Rage!

Apple’s app store is about to hit the 10 billion downloads mark, they are less than 300 million downloads away from achieving that number. While 300 million might seem like a lot, when you consider that a year ago this month they only had 3 billion down loads…it’s not that far away! In 2011 alone the number of apps downloaded tripled the numbers from last January and Apple attributes that increase to the iPod touch, the iPhone, and yes, of course, the iPad. Apple is celebrating its success by giving a $10,000 iTunes gift card to the person to download the 10 billionth app. Better start downloading!

2) The Daily Delayed

Earlier this week we told you News Corp.’s iPad-only newspaper, The Daily, was one of the apps to watch out for in this coming year. Today News Corp. announced the delayed release of the must have app. The newspaper app, which was slated to release next week on January 19th, has been pushed back indefinitely “several weeks”. Sources did assure people that the app’s release would not be pushed back months, although no specific dates have been mentioned. Trust us, we will be sure to keep you updated on any changes announced, we are just as excited for this app as you!

3)   Mashable Gets “A Fresh Coat of Paint”

This morning our favorite social media news hub announced it would be undergoing some minor web site changes today, what it referred to as “a fresh coat of paint”. The changes were small, but focused on simplifying the pages so that they load quicker. Mashable said this was the initial layout for some major new features to come later this year. We don’t know what Mashable has in store but we can’t wait to find out! Be sure to check out the site and see the changes, they’re not major but they are already making a difference.

Those are some of the hottest stories today in social media; we’ll keep you updated over the weekend of any major news that breaks out in the digital world. Have a great weekend and a happy MLK Day!

Social Networks in 2011

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So the creative minds at Mashable have been the first week of their new year trying to predict what 2011 will have in store for the digital world. Here are some of our favorite predictions for social media networks in the upcoming year:

1)   Google’s Social Media Efforts Will Fail…Again

While Google is king of the search, it cannot seem to make the transition into social media. Google Wave only had a brief stint this year before it was shut down, Google Buzz failed miserably and Google’s new social media efforts were supposed to come out end of 2010 but have been delayed. So few predict that the web giant will have success in social media this year.

2)   Myspace For Sale

Despite a complete redesign for the social network, the once popular social media site cannot seem to bounce back. Few believe Myspace will ever be a competitor with Facebook again and for that reason it is thought that Myspace will be put up for sale this year. Mashable does predict that, in the right hands, the self-titled “social entertainment destination” could be a source of some income and success. For now though, the once popular site is losing money faster than it can bring it in.

3)   No Facebook IPO This Year

The public has been waiting and waiting for Facebook IPOs since 2007, but Mashable does not predict that wish coming true in 2011. As seen in the movie The Social Network, founder Mark Zuckerberg has never really been interested in money. Plus, the rate at which Facebook is growing makes it an unwise choice to go public. Mark Zuckerburg has said in interviews before though that at one point he thinks going public will make sense and Mashable predicts that will most likely be in 2012.

4)   Twitter Will….Be Boring

Unfortunately for Twitter, Mashable predicts a plateau for the company in 2011. Other than launching new features, with a brand new design and a new round of funding, it is doubtful that there will be an IPO or any other exciting event in the social site’s future. Mashable doesn’t say it’s not possible, but they doubt it.

We here at integratePR tend to agree with these predictions, but we’re excited to see if they hold true. Who knows what Twitter may have in store for us? Google may yet find success in the social media realm, or Zuckerburg might shock us and go public, who knows? It’s the excitement of being in this industry and seeing what a new year will bring! We can’t wait to see how the year unfolds and we would love to hear any predictions you may have about the upcoming year.

Social Media Helps the ‘New You’ in the New Year

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Mashable recently published an article on how to keep your New Year’s Resolutions in check with social media. So, since 2011 is upon, we here at integratePR thought we’d share some of those tips with you!

Watching that Weight?

Mashable advises you to track your check-ins through sites like Gowalla or Foursquare. How often have you checked into the gym versus your favorite burger joint? Foursquare not only allows users to see their check-in history, but it produces a statistics page for you as well as graphs and lists of you check-in data. If you’re not satisfied with your ratio, these social media sites will be a small reminder that you should change your check-in pattern. So watching that weight will be a little easier!

Cha Ching!

Wanting to start over on your finances? The New Year is the perfect time for a fresh start to how you spend money. Social media sites like mint.com help you track your various bank accounts and credit cards. It then reviews your spending habits and produces easy to ready charts that show you how you’re spending your money and suggests ways you could be saving. Facebook also has an app called BillMonk that helps you divide bills amongst friends—great for roommates too!

Shape up your Digital Image

More and more employers are looking to social media to get a better understanding of possible hires beyond the resume. Mashable suggests using Facebook apps such as Top Statuses or Top Words to see what you talk about most online and how you sound. If you don’t like the way you portray yourself, start keeping that in mind when you post, blog and tweet.

We’re only days away from the New Year, and if 2010 is any indication, 2011 should be full of promise! So don’t get trapped in that cycle of making resolutions you never intend to keep. Use social media to your advantage and make the most of the New Year and a new you!

Brands Dominating Social Media

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The all mighty, and long-time integratePR favorite, Mashable, posted a blog yesterday listing their top “5 big brands that are rocking the social media space.” The blog came from the Mashable Awards “Must Follow Brand” category. The article lists which brands have impressed them in their participation throughout the various social media mediums – Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and YouTube especially.

5 Big Brands that are Rocking the Social Media Space:

2. JetBlue
3. The History Channel
4. Whole Foods
5. Dunkin’ Donuts

In essence, Starbucks knows how to use social media. The company tops the charts as the most “Liked” brand on Facebook and resides in the top 10 list of most followed brands on Twitter. They are seeing results as well! Starbucks had more than 1 million customers visit its location in one day after using social media to promote their Free Pastry Day and have continued to crowdsource ideas from its custom social network, My Starbucks Idea.

JetBlue’s success stems from its strategic use of twitter. The company tweets responses to customers, deals with crisis and recently offered a great promotion.  The All You Can Jet pass offered customers the ability to book an unlimited number of flights from September 8 – October 9 for just $599. After tweeting about the promotion, the deal was sold out 36 hours before the announced deadline.

The History Channel:
The History Channel earned a top spot by flexing the experience of Foursquare to fit their brand more appropriately. Instead of using foursquare the traditional way, The History Channel provided history lessons that correlated with the various locations people checked in at.

Whole Foods:
Whole Foods holds their spot by demonstrating excellent twitter Facebook and blog presence. The company caters to its different locations via numerous Twitter pages and presents various recipes, health tips, company updates and more through both its blog and Facebook pages.

Dunkin’ Donuts:
Dunkin’ Donuts carries its success through its fan base. The company does an incredible job relating to their DD fans and creating valued reason to be involved in their social media sites. Dunkin’ Donuts stays in the top by running numerous contests all via the Internet to their fans, showcasing what it means to give loyalty back to those that are loyal.

Ready to join in social media’s success like these 5 companies? integratePR is here to help! Check out our website for more information and become actively engaged with your target audience today!

Facebook Challenges Location-Based Services

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Facebook sure is keeping Foursquare and Gowalla on their toes.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, announced the application Facebook Places (launched in August) will now feature a Facebook Deals incentive. Like Foursquare and Gowalla, Facebook Places allows users to “check-in” to places and share their location with friends. But where there was incentive to check-in through foursquare by earning badges or attaining “mayor” status of a location, Facebook Places lacked ability.

The new Deals feature will allow businesses to offer special bargains and discounts to customers, creating valuable customer loyalty. Through Facebook’s social media tools, each business will also be able to promote special offers to fans who have previously “Liked” or subscribed to their page. Through the exposure of Facebook Deals, businesses chance reaching an extra 130 other Facebook users (130 being the average number of friends a Facebook user has). This type of potential leaves Facebook Deals a VERY promising new tool for businesses that we are really excited to try out with clients (if you are interested in learning more about how we would do this for your company, contact us, we’re happy to explain).

The Facebook application has been released to a limited group of businesses for trial, but will be open to everyone with due time. To start, Deals will only be available on Facebook’s iPhone mobile application creating convenient features that will send alerts to consumers as they pass by the certain business locations. Costumers will then have the option to buy the deal, and can instantly use their digital coupon at checkout.

Will you use Facebook Deals over Foursquare’s “Specials?” What will drive you one way or the other? IntegratePR just recently used Foursquare to promote Massage Envy’s Massage for the Cure event. We’ve been hesitant to use Facebook Places because of privacy concerns but are definitely intrigued by this.

We are excited to learn more about Facebook Deals, and eventually see it become accessible to clients. Tell us what you think!

The New MySpace: Is It For You?

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Online analytics company, Compete, published a list of the top 50 website for September 2010. Facebook landed the third slot, behind Google and Yahoo, and MySpace dropped a (not surprising) 5.53 percent for the month and 19.1 percent for the year, dropping down to 14th on the long list.

MySpace, once the face of social media, has revamped its site and brand to stay in competition.

The launch of the new site started Wednesday and will not be complete until the end of November, featuring what will become known as a “social entertainment destination” rather than a social networking site.  The redesign will also feature new navigation tools, a component allowing users to follow other users throughout other social media outlets, the “MySpace Stream” (their version of the Facebook newsfeed), and new profile features.

MySpace wants to provide a  “rich, highly personalized experience for people to discover content and connect with other fans who share similar interests based on music, celebrities, movies, television, and games.” As users share their media, MySpace hopes that they become a “tastemaker” to their friends (remind you of iTune’s Ping?).

It’s funny that almost a year ago, integratePR wrote a post on
and that they weren’t going anywhere. This really makes us wonder where we’ll be next year. Will the redesign be enough to really hone in on people’s individual passions and connect them?

We here at integratePR don’t use MySpace in our personal lives (nor do we currently maintain any accounts for clients) but are excited to check out the new design and are always invigorated by companies that refresh and revitalize themselves to stay current to their audiences.

Video that does a great job to show the new branding: Intro to the New MySpace

What are your thoughts? Is the New MySpace for YOU?

Social Media Revolutionizes Politics

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Last week a mile marker in social media and political history was made. The United Nations Foundation paired with 92 Street Y and Mashable to host the first ever UN Week Digital Media Lounge.  As the event’s missions statement said“the conversation about the world’s biggest challenges no longer belongs to a small set of voices — it is a global conversation with an increasingly online pulse”.

So as UN representatives from around the world met last week in New York, a not so similar group of people convened at 92 Street Y to open up a similar conversation…with the online world. Though they’re not leaders or presidents, today’s top bloggers joined to facilitate discussions that simultaneously took place at the UN Summit last week. Their goal was to not only open discussions to public and invite their response, but also to broadcast them around the world via digital media.

Skype was the used to “bring in” UN representatives and experts for interviews straight from the UN Summit. Journalists and bloggers attended the Lounge and discussed global issues such as poverty, women’s health and HIV/AIDS. The Digital Media Lounge was broadcast to the world via Livestream so that anyone could tune into the discussion.

One of the goals of this forum was to bring together the people behind traditional media with the people of today’s new media in a single venue. This venue was able to generate and drive discussions that better represent the voices of advocates who are normally not heard.

This event was the first of its kind and shows the increasingly impressive impact social and digital media has on our society. More and more often we are seeing social media used in social advocacy efforts—most notably by the younger generation in the Middle East—as people try to make the world a better place for themselves and those around them.

Footage from UN Week Digital Media Lounge