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Just Can’t Get Enough – Social Media Day

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Even though we love social media every day of the year, tomorrow we’re giving some extra special props to the tools that help us do our jobs because – it’s social media day 2012! Since this is the global day of sharing, make sure you do everything you can to connect across all of your channels using our handy checklist below:

Checklist for social media day:

  • Post at least one Facebook status that says Happy Social Media Day! and add at least one new friend
  • Check in to at least two places that you go on FourSquare and leave one review
  • Pin 20 things to your Pinterest board
  • Write a blog post about how much you love social media
  • Write a 5 star Yelp review for your favorite restaurant
  • Instagram a picture
  • Make a visit to your Google Plus page and see what’s going on – just kidding.
  • Scan one QR code (you’re allowed to judge the website if it’s not capable of mobile access)
  • Try playing around with one new social media tool – if only to see why everyone talks about it – Path, Highlight, SCVNGR,
  • Tweet happy tweets from your Twitter account all day, and follow 5 new people

and while you’re at it…

Check out the official celebration! Mashable is hosting meetups in 510 cities across the globe! Houston’s will be at Yardhouse and more information is available here. Will you be celebrating Social Media Day 2012?

The QR Code: A Booming Social Media Trend

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Social media, like any other facet of human interaction, experiences periods of innovation and imitation. Networking sites like MySpace innovated with the idea of connecting millions across the world; Facebook and its clones imitated and differentiated their products with new features and ways to connect. The future of new media will likely shift in a technological direction, claiming ground from what used to be the sole province of the tech-savvy and making it mainstream. Public relations will have to rely on newer and more advanced types of digital inter-connectivity to reach customers where they network with others.

The best example of an up-and-coming trend is the QR (Quick Response) code. A small, black-and-white symbol printed in a variety of sources, the QR code essentially works as a 21st-century barcode, allowing those with smartphones or tablet devices to instantly interact online media. By simply scanning the QR code with a portable device, you can instantly see additional information about whatever product, service or event it’s linked to. This provides exciting possibilities for social networking, as it completes the circle of innconnectivity between print and online media, and makes formerly static media— like print ads or billboards— interactive. While the QR code gained some ground in America and Europe in 2010, it took off like lightning in traditionally-tech-savvy Japan. With more than half of American consumers influenced to own smartphones with QR capabilities by the end of 2011, there has never been a better time to expand social media interaction with these new technological advances.

Any company that hopes to connect with customers or potential clients in this digital age must embrace new technologies as they arise. integratePR has the knowledge of social media needed to create a positive and engaging image for your company or start-up. Yesterday’s fancies are today’s trends and tomorrow’s standards, and we can keep your business one step ahead of the curve.

Social Networks in 2011

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So the creative minds at Mashable have been the first week of their new year trying to predict what 2011 will have in store for the digital world. Here are some of our favorite predictions for social media networks in the upcoming year:

1)   Google’s Social Media Efforts Will Fail…Again

While Google is king of the search, it cannot seem to make the transition into social media. Google Wave only had a brief stint this year before it was shut down, Google Buzz failed miserably and Google’s new social media efforts were supposed to come out end of 2010 but have been delayed. So few predict that the web giant will have success in social media this year.

2)   Myspace For Sale

Despite a complete redesign for the social network, the once popular social media site cannot seem to bounce back. Few believe Myspace will ever be a competitor with Facebook again and for that reason it is thought that Myspace will be put up for sale this year. Mashable does predict that, in the right hands, the self-titled “social entertainment destination” could be a source of some income and success. For now though, the once popular site is losing money faster than it can bring it in.

3)   No Facebook IPO This Year

The public has been waiting and waiting for Facebook IPOs since 2007, but Mashable does not predict that wish coming true in 2011. As seen in the movie The Social Network, founder Mark Zuckerberg has never really been interested in money. Plus, the rate at which Facebook is growing makes it an unwise choice to go public. Mark Zuckerburg has said in interviews before though that at one point he thinks going public will make sense and Mashable predicts that will most likely be in 2012.

4)   Twitter Will….Be Boring

Unfortunately for Twitter, Mashable predicts a plateau for the company in 2011. Other than launching new features, with a brand new design and a new round of funding, it is doubtful that there will be an IPO or any other exciting event in the social site’s future. Mashable doesn’t say it’s not possible, but they doubt it.

We here at integratePR tend to agree with these predictions, but we’re excited to see if they hold true. Who knows what Twitter may have in store for us? Google may yet find success in the social media realm, or Zuckerburg might shock us and go public, who knows? It’s the excitement of being in this industry and seeing what a new year will bring! We can’t wait to see how the year unfolds and we would love to hear any predictions you may have about the upcoming year.

The New MySpace: Is It For You?

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Online analytics company, Compete, published a list of the top 50 website for September 2010. Facebook landed the third slot, behind Google and Yahoo, and MySpace dropped a (not surprising) 5.53 percent for the month and 19.1 percent for the year, dropping down to 14th on the long list.

MySpace, once the face of social media, has revamped its site and brand to stay in competition.

The launch of the new site started Wednesday and will not be complete until the end of November, featuring what will become known as a “social entertainment destination” rather than a social networking site.  The redesign will also feature new navigation tools, a component allowing users to follow other users throughout other social media outlets, the “MySpace Stream” (their version of the Facebook newsfeed), and new profile features.

MySpace wants to provide a  “rich, highly personalized experience for people to discover content and connect with other fans who share similar interests based on music, celebrities, movies, television, and games.” As users share their media, MySpace hopes that they become a “tastemaker” to their friends (remind you of iTune’s Ping?).

It’s funny that almost a year ago, integratePR wrote a post on
and that they weren’t going anywhere. This really makes us wonder where we’ll be next year. Will the redesign be enough to really hone in on people’s individual passions and connect them?

We here at integratePR don’t use MySpace in our personal lives (nor do we currently maintain any accounts for clients) but are excited to check out the new design and are always invigorated by companies that refresh and revitalize themselves to stay current to their audiences.

Video that does a great job to show the new branding: Intro to the New MySpace

What are your thoughts? Is the New MySpace for YOU?