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The New MySpace: Is It For You?

Filed Under (Digital Media News, integratePR, mashable, myspace, Social Media) by integratePR on 29-10-2010

Online analytics company, Compete, published a list of the top 50 website for September 2010. Facebook landed the third slot, behind Google and Yahoo, and MySpace dropped a (not surprising) 5.53 percent for the month and 19.1 percent for the year, dropping down to 14th on the long list.

MySpace, once the face of social media, has revamped its site and brand to stay in competition.

The launch of the new site started Wednesday and will not be complete until the end of November, featuring what will become known as a “social entertainment destination” rather than a social networking site.  The redesign will also feature new navigation tools, a component allowing users to follow other users throughout other social media outlets, the “MySpace Stream” (their version of the Facebook newsfeed), and new profile features.

MySpace wants to provide a  “rich, highly personalized experience for people to discover content and connect with other fans who share similar interests based on music, celebrities, movies, television, and games.” As users share their media, MySpace hopes that they become a “tastemaker” to their friends (remind you of iTune’s Ping?).

It’s funny that almost a year ago, integratePR wrote a post on
and that they weren’t going anywhere. This really makes us wonder where we’ll be next year. Will the redesign be enough to really hone in on people’s individual passions and connect them?

We here at integratePR don’t use MySpace in our personal lives (nor do we currently maintain any accounts for clients) but are excited to check out the new design and are always invigorated by companies that refresh and revitalize themselves to stay current to their audiences.

Video that does a great job to show the new branding: Intro to the New MySpace

What are your thoughts? Is the New MySpace for YOU?

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