Each day we go above and beyond

To position our clients with the right voice.

As a social media PR agency, we focus on the convergence of communications channels, specializing in online and offline communications, sometimes getting out of line, always putting our butts on the line, and keeping in mind our clients' bottom line (ok that's enough idioms for now, but that was fun). Through "old school" public relations and marketing, social media real-time dialogue, events, education, entertainment and so much more, we develop a valuable mix that we call "content development," to see our clients prosper.

Before we can connect our clients to the world, it’s imperative we connect with you first. All of our collaborations begin with a 30-day information gathering session. During which time, our team listens, asks questions, researches your industry and target market, gleaning the valuable insight necessary to discover the who, why, what and where as related to your business or product.

Our goal at Integrate Public Relations is to identify the heart of a client's brand, turn that heart into actionable strategy, and produce compelling communication solutions across appropriate media touch points. The strategy we produce is results-driven – intended to create a lasting image and provoke action.

It's simple. We are using the same thought processes used for decades in traditional PR and marketing, just upping the ante and taking advantage of the resources now available.

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