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"Hiring a PR agency was one of the best decisions we made, and hiring IntegratePR was an even better decision than that decision. Allie and her team are very professional, energetic and have such enthusiasm about doing a great job and all result in their clients being in the media all the time. We seem to be in the news 2-3 times per month in some form or fashion. I was doing this job myself right before hiring them and, trust me, leave it to the professionals. You will be thrilled - but it only works if you hire the right professionals - IntegratePR was and is the right choice."
- Janice Jucker, Co-Owner of Three Brothers Bakery
"IPR has raised CompuCycle to the next business level. From brand messaging, social media outreach and effective communication, IPR stands above the rest! Attentive, dedicated, positive and accountable are words that describe their client management. You always feel that IPR has your best interests at heart and your business relationship is a priority to them. CompuCycle is so proud to work with IPR, and they are truly essential to our team."
- Clive Hess, President of CompuCycle
“Integrate Public Relations joined an effort to raise awareness and funds to support people with disabilities through Care2Spin™. When you work in nonprofit, you learn to take “no” when you ask for help. The Integrate Public Relations team, consistently said “yes.” They made every deadline, kept every promise, delivered beyond expectations and worked with professionalism, creativity and integrity. This team took the time to learn about Easter Seals Greater Houston’s mission, services and needs and it is reflected in the strong work they did.”
- Elise Hough, Chief Executive Officer of Easter Seals Greater Houston
“I'm so thankful for Integrate and the incredible team! You've made headway that's been unattainable until now. The future is bright! I know this firm has our back, front, and side! What you are doing for Goode Company is providing a strong link to a part of the chain that was basically missing for years. I just can't help myself when I say... It's all Goode!”
- Martha Orell, Executive Assistant to Levi Goode of Goode Company BBQ
"Allie Danziger is always so insightful and helpful to my students. My Digital PR and Advertising class learned so much about social media campaigns on their field trip to Integrate PR. Allie not only has a passion for PR, but also for helping students learn about the newest trends. She showed them how Integrate PR strategizes for each client and how to put the strategy into action. Allie is ahead of the curve ball when it comes to Social Media PR Campaigns!"
- Laura Ashley, Internship Coordinator and Instructional Assistant Professor, Valenti School of Communication, University of Houston
“We began some years back looking for a company to launch our social media initiative at John Eagle Honda. We found a new company by the name of IntegratePR and have been most impressed with the performance and professionalism. Allie and her staff have partnered with our dealership to assure our success….she started by learning the car business then applied her experience to our internet marketing. This is a fine group that can design a program that will work for any company. IntegratePR works closely with our I.T. Marketing department and they have been an integral part of making us the #1 internet department within the Eagle organization and a top 100 internet dealer in the nation.”
- Mac Delaup, President and Managing Partner of John Eagle Honda of Houston
“In order to compete with larger publishing houses, my company requires a dynamic PR team. Finding Allie Herzog and the team at Integrate was a blessing. Allie is not only an absolute delight to work with, but her spirit and passion for her job have been a driving force in my company's success. Her dedication to her work and professionalism makes her an asset to my team. As Allie's first client, I have had the pleasure of watching her company grow and become a powerhouse in her field. Allie has become one of the strongest advocate's of my company, while I would also consider her a friend. I have absolute confidence that it is Integrate’s dedication to Handstand Kids that has helped us grow so quickly and gain the media exposure necessary to succeed”
- Yvette Garfield, Author/Owner of Handstand Kids Cookbook Company
“Integrate Public Relations understands the true art of COMMUNICATION. In a day and time of the three-second message, Allie and her team have managed to create a dialogue where they can tell their client's stories and the audience can learn about the product or service in user-friendly ways.”
- Sara Speer Selber, President of The PM Team
“Whenever a meeting planner hires someone they’ve not hired before – even though they may have seen the presenters in action at another venue – there is a fear of “what if the act doesn’t play on this stage.” Well, you definitely dispelled that fear in the first 10 minutes of your presentation. The addition of Allie to the presentation only added to the impact. You can hold a crowd’s attention with just a smile, Allie – and when you add your passion and knowledge of social media … give it up, it’s a done deal.”
- Bill Johnstone, President/CEO of The Oregon Association of Broadcasters
“Integrate is a dynamite team of leaders in the digital/social media revolution. Their ideas are creative, groundbreaking and exciting. I have worked with Integrate on a few projects and have been consistently impressed with their knowledge, persistence, timeliness and attention to detail. They know their stuff – and on the rare occasion they bump up against something that’s new to them, they relentlessly dig until they quickly become experts.There is excitement in the air when this team is around and one gets the feeling that to work with Integrate is experience you will count yourself lucky to have had in the not too distant future.”
- Jennifer Greenberg, Freelance Copywriter

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