We know how to evangelize

And get your company ready to connect

Keeping the lines of communication open and free flowing is difficult, no matter how much you and your employees like each other.

Integrate feels strongly that the internal community of your company is the most important audience to keep in mind, although it is usually one you may forget about. We offer strategies and policies that encourage communication, camaraderie, and empowerment for a more connected, healthier company culture.

Employee Evangelism

Breaking into social media can be overwhelming, intimidating and frightening. Integrate Public Relations works with clients to empower their employees to get involved and drink the Kool-Aid.

We teach your team how to work with us to strategically produce innovative public relations campaigns with strong social media programs for your company’s clients.

Through games, contests, trainings, information sessions, and powerful results, your employees will start wondering how they ever survived without Integrate Public Relations.

Social Media Policy

Integrate will develop an online communications corporate policy to help determine and define your company’s online responsibility, boundaries, transparency, confidentiality, consequences, work use, copyright, ownership, etc.

We address all workflow issues and determine which specific resources we will utilize within companies including: which employees will be contributing content, deadlines for providing materials, processes for handling customer services complaints, etc.

Crisis Communication

By creating and training your team on a properly updated communication manual to include online communications, Integrate can help to better control costs, decrease vulnerability, minimize stress, utilize available (under-used) resources, strengthen internal culture for continued improvement, and create a best practice on how to handle a crisis online.

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