Integrating old school PR practices

With the modern communication world

To us at Integrate Public Relations, there is nothing old school about building and growing relationships with clients and customers through the portal of a concise, strategically placed message – the fundamental role of public relations.

So, yes, we still do press releases but now we spend time tailoring individual pitches, spending hours each week to foster strong relationships with journalists. We turn to radio, TV and print, helping to develop stories that the media will care about to ensure our clients will get the highest return on their investment.

At Integrate we help with:

Media Relations Management

The shift in media has changed the industry forever, and it is important to work with communications professionals who understand that. Integrate has a strong background in traditional public relations and a passion for online communications, which allows us to integrate both the old and the new PR methodologies. We take our clients' business communication initiatives to a new level because of our strategic- and updated- thought processes.

We take pride in our relationships with powerful media outlets including the top mommy and foodie bloggers in the country, New York Times writers, CNN anchors, online personalities, local journalists, and more. We love working with media outlets that “get it” and helping to find ways to liaise the conversation with our clients.

Integrate focuses on helping companies continue their traditional marketing activities, while also thinking of strategic ways to incorporate social media tactics into their marketing mix, with the same eye and ear on thoughtful, strategic, and goal-oriented public relations campaigns.

Brand Promotion

Integrate is unique in that we use public relations messaging strategy to tell your story across a wide range of media outlets. We don’t just dabble in social media; we really get it. Our team is not limited to press releases and media interviews.

We get to know you, your brand and your industry from the inside out and then hit all the right buttons to get your voice heard and embedded in the psyche of your target audience.

Need to get involved with a non-profit? Throwing a launch event? Need to raise money? Been there, done that, got the t-shirt and have testimonials and case studies that prove our success!

Crisis Communication

In times of crisis in today’s communication environment, there is no time or space in which to hide. Citizen journalism has taken over and anyone with a smartphone is a correspondent sharing news with his or her audiences. Response must be swift, pertinent and conclusive.

By creating a properly updated communication manual to include online communications, Integrate can help to better control costs, decrease vulnerability, minimize stress, utilize available (under-used) resources, strengthen internal culture for continued improvement, and create a best practice how to handle a crisis online.